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Eagles Wing

Many Waters


National FCF Chairman
Rev. Karl Flieg

 National FCF President

National FCF Vice President
John Hembree

Rolling Thunder


National FCF Historian
Mark Craft 
National FCF Scribe
Brandon Krause
National FCF Field Advisor
Rex Chaney
National FCF Field Advisor
Little Crow Black Hawk  Grey Eagle 
National FCF Field Advisor
Don Coplin
National FCF Field Advisor
Craig Collins
National FCF Field Advisor
Rev. Jim Kennedy
National FCF Field Advisor






Ol' Coon

National FCF President Emeritus
Fred Deaver
National FCF
Vice President Emeritus
Sonny Green










Gabriel Abruzzo
Wheezy Bear
Isaac Touchstone
Garret Hennigan
Spirit Tongue
Daniel Kohn
Brave Heart








Zach Henderson
White Feather
Konnor Porter
Still Waters
Ben Fillis
Big Foot
Samuel Brock


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