Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship Scouts

Since 1972, boys from across America have been serving the Young Bucks of the FCF as Scouts.  The FCF scout is choosen from among the boys who are active in Royal Rangers and FCF. 

These boys are choosen from the ranks of the local outpost to the national level to represent and speak for the boy membership of FCF at thier respective level.

Do you have what it takes to become an FCF Scout?  Below you will find the job descriptions of the different levels of scout.  Outpost Scouts are choosen by thier Senior Commander, Section Scouts are elected by popular vote from the total FCF membership within thier section.

All boys are elegible to participate in the Chapter Scout elections, no matter if they serve in the outpost or sectional levels.  Chapter Scout elections are held every two years at the Chapter Trace.  Those boys who are elected as Chapter Scouts are then elegible to serve as the Territorial or National Scout.  The election for the Territorial and National Scout take place at the Territorial Rendezvous in your Territory every two years. 

Boys who wish to run for a scout position should fill out the scout application and submit it to the appropriate FCF officer.  Boys who are running for chapter, territorial, or national scout should also submit the nomination form along with the scout application.

If you think you have what it takes to be an FCF scout, talk to your Outpost or Senior Commander about serving ath the outpost/sectional level, and contact your Chapter FCF President to find out more about the next scout election in your chapter. 

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