Don Coplin was asked to join a new program called Royal Rangers in 1965. His first meeting was held at the home of his first Commander, Carl Boness, where he was immediately instructed to learn the Royal Ranger Code and Motto so he could become a member of the new Outpost. He was blessed to spend his youth with the great builders of Royal Rangers in the Northwest District.
In 1972, Don joined FCF and was blessed to have his father, Don Coplin (FCF name Crow) be his sponsor and the one who gave him his FCF name. A year later, he became a Buckskin member and then in 2001, he became a Wilderness member along with his oldest son, Drew Coplin.
By 1976, Don earned the Gold Medal of Achievement, The Medal of Valor and The Eagle Scout Award from Boy Scouts. Many of the ideas and concepts that he learned in achieving the many awards over the years have led to forming the basics of how he deals with life and business today.
His favorite verse in the Bible is Romans 8:28. Whether life is up or down, Don truly believes that “All things work together for good”, and there are no problems…just solutions.
Over the years, Don has been privileged to be a Senior Commander for 21 years, and has worked in the Section, District and Regional Levels. Most recently, he is a Group Leader in Outpost 2, Sound Life Church, Puyallup, WA, overseeing the Adventure & Expedition Rangers, the District FCF Wilderness Rep and the Regional FCF Wilderness Rep.
At his church, Sound Life Church, Don is involved in other areas outside of Royal Rangers. He is the Vice President of the Church, a member of the Church Board, teaches an Adult Sunday School Class and plays saxophone and clarinet in the Church Worship Band.
Don’s love of his life and best friend is his wife of 32 years, Judy Coplin. They have been blessed with 2 great sons, 2 beautiful daughter in laws and 2 grand-doggers. His oldest son, Drew is also a GMA recipient, a past National Scout and a Pro Indoor Football Player. His younger son, Ben, a past FCFer, is the Senior High Pastor at Mariners Church in Irvine, CA and a published music writer and performer.
Don is a Senior Planning Member/Owner of the firm, Edgecombe & Coplin Wealth Strategies, LLC of Puyallup, WA.
Don said “That his greatest joy in Royal Rangers and FCF is working with a boy, who turns to him, hugs him and thanks him for just praying with him and caring for him”.