From the beginning of Royal Rangers, many men worked with the late Johnnie Barnes to establish Royal Rangers in the United States and throughout the world.  Most would agree that Fred Deavers contribution to Royal Rangers is second only to Johnnie Barnes, the founder of Royal Rangers.
Fred's willingness and commitment to serve in this ministry to boys has been consistent for over fourty years.  Also known as "Mr. Senior Guide", Fred has had a major impact on the lives of thousands of men across America at National Training Camps, teaching the Royal Rangers values, and challenging men to become men of God.
Fred has spoken at National Camporamas, National Rendzvous, Territorial Rendezvous, District Pow Wows and Camporees in almost every district in the nation at one time or another. 
Fred quickly gives credit to God, as well as his wife Joyce, for her tremendous support and confidence that this is "God's will for their life."
Fre Deaver is a recognized artist.  He left his employment at Sperry Rand Corporation in the early 1970's to pursue his lifes dream as a full time artist.  God has blessed Fred and Royal Rangers with his art.  Fred's favorite topics for his art include wildlife, history, the mountain man era of the early 1800's, cowboy scenes, World War I and II airplanes, and still life.  Fred was also commissioned by the Boy Scouts of America to do a portrait of John Wayne, which was presented to the actor in 1978.
Fred known for his colorful statements and cowboy humor has always challenged the men to continue to keep the color in Royal Rangers: "This is a ministry to boys! Boys like things that are big and colorful, so dont lose the color, it attracts boys!"
If ever there was a living legend, Fred Deaver qualifies in his own right.


Taken from the FCF handbook-2002 edition