Howdy! My name is John Hembree; I am also known as "Many Waters" taken from Psa. 29:3. I’m from Batavia, OH which is located roughly 30 minutes north east of Cincinnati. I attend church at Real Life Assembly of God in Batavia where I am an Adventure Rangers commander for Outpost 50.

I started in Royal Rangers back in 1987 as a lieutenant commander and participated in the events for about a year until like so many of our older Rangers I was drawn away by a lovely girl that I ended up marrying. I tried to get a Ranger program started in the church I was attending at the time but didn’t meet with any success. Later as we moved back into an Assembly of God church I was reunited with Royal Rangers and having remembered what a great ministry that it is and the fact that I had a son now, got involved again.

I started out as a lieutenant commander in the Adventure Rangers group, until I earned my LMA, shortly thereafter I became the Adventure Rangers commander as we restructured our outpost. I soon noticed that one of the other commanders and his son were going off to an event called National Rendezvous (2004), that I wasn’t allowed to go to because I wasn’t a member, so I had to fix that problem. I attended fall trace that year as a guest and was instantly hooked, come the following spring I’d be ready to join FCF, so in May, 2005 I participated in the Frontier Adventure and what a wet, cold night that turned out to be. One year later I advanced to buckskin and the following year completed my wilderness vigil. In June 2007, I was asked to join the Ohio FCF staff as the events coordinator.

I am very excited to be a part of the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship and really enjoy the fellowship part. My life has been enriched by the many that I have met through the various events and camps that I have attended.

I look forward to meeting you around the campfire and sharing between our lives the many adventures that this life offers.

May we all earn wilderness!