July 26, 2016
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Company Trapper
40 Hours of Service

80 Hours of Service
Free Trapper
120 Hours of Service

Trappers Brigade Applications can be found on the FCF Forms Page


Trappers Brigade    


Trappers Brigade Requirements Minimize

The Trappers Brigade is a service aspect of FCF that promotes the acitve and ongoing involvement of FCF members in service to their outpost, church, community and world.

To participate in the Trappers Brigade program an FCF member must meet the following qualifications:
  • Be an FCF member in good standing with your chapter and district.  "Member in good standing" is defined as having participated in at least one FCF event or activity during the last 12 months and being actively involved in a charted Royal Rangers outpost.
  • Be actively involved in your local church, faithful in church attendance, tithing, missions giving; and honoring to church leadership.  

 Any FCF member who meets the above qualifications is encouraged to participate in Trappers Brigade.

 The FCF member need not have received his Buckskin or Wilderness status to qualify.



Levels of Recognition

The Trappers Brigade provides three sequential levels of recognition to reward members for their service

hours. Members attain each level as they accumulate the required number of hours in each of four categories

– outpost, church, community, and missions.


Company Trapper

To attain Company Trapper status a member must accumulate a minimum of 40 hours of service, dividing the hours into these categories:

• Outpost – 15 hours

• Church – 15 hrs.

• Community – 5 hrs.

• Missions – 5 hrs.


Bourgeois Trapper

To attain Bourgeois (pronounced boohz-wah’) Trapper status, a member must accumulate a minimum of 80 hours of service, dividing the hours into these categories:

• Outpost – 30 hours

• Church – 30 hrs.

• Community – 10 hrs.

• Missions – 10 hrs.


Free Trapper

To attain Free Trapper status a member must accumulate a minimum of 120 hours of service, dividing the hours into these categories:

• Outpost – 45 hours

• Church – 45 hrs.

• Community – 15 hrs.

• World Missions – 15 hrs.

For each additional forty hours earned according to the above distribution, a Free Trapper receives a numeral to be placed on his Free Trapper insignia. This numeral represents the number of times he has reached Free Trapper status. For example, when he has accumulated a total of 160 hours he would receive a numeral 2. At 200 hours he would receive a numeral 3, etc

Qualifying Activities

Qualifying service hours are those where a member volunteers his time (excluding travel time) with no consideration for wages, in the categories of outpost, church, community, or missions. Service hours must be reported to your chapter each year to qualify. Young Bucks must complete the service under the supervision of an adult leader.

• Outpost (15 hours): Service hours beyond weekly meetings, regular outings, and training. The outpost coordinator pre approves the efforts of the member to insure the service helps the outpost accomplish its “evangelize-equip-empower” mission.

• Church (15 hours): Service hours beyond the outpost. The pastor responsible for overseeing Royal Rangers in the local church pre approves the efforts of the member to insure the service helps the church accomplish the pastoral vision.

• Community (5 hours): Service hours beyond the outpost and the church. These efforts will represent the church in the community. The service rendered must be coordinated with the pastoral leadership in advance to best represent the church in the community. Involving as many Royal Rangers as possible is encouraged, especially when done in conjunction with earning leadership merits of any color.

• Missions (5 hours): Service hours that specifically benefit Royal Rangers’ priority missions initiatives- Royal Rangers International, Pathfinder Missions, BGMC Master’s Toolbox, and Speed the Light. Other worthwhile missions agencies such as Light for the Lost, US Maps, Chi Alpha, Teen Challenge, and others are also recognized to be used for missions hours.   Refer to the Royal Rangers and Assemblies of God website for additional missions opportunities at www.ag.org.    (Note: In a non-AG outpost, members should support the middle and high school-age missions program of their denomination.)


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